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This list is not exclusive, but gives an indication of the range of issues the conference will address; please feel free to submit a proposal for a presentation or session on any of the themes listed or others that are relevant.

  • Trauma-informed policing/practice
  • Road trauma
  • The private security sector and PH
  • ‘Hidden in Plain Sight’  – Policing and Neurodiversity
  • Fake medicines and vaccines
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Policing and Public Health Education and Training Agenda
  • Policing and Public Health Technologies
  • Vulnerable Populations
  • Child maltreatment prevention and policing
  • Whole-of-society violence prevention and policing
  • Policing, human trafficking and sex work
  • Policing and public health responses to firearm proliferation and violence prevention
  • Policing and marginalised communities
  • Technology and policing
  • Leveraging health data for law enforcement and the pitfalls around privacy/confidentiality
  • HIV transmission and care
  • The role of public prosecutors and coroners in achieving public health goals
  • Violence prevention – safer schools
  • Alternatives to arrest
  • Tobacco Control and its elimination in Africa
  • Food and drinks hazardous to health (especially imported ones)
  • Strengthening Communicable Disease Control Laws in Africa
  • Less formal/official structures: neighbourhood watch, community safety groups, City Improvement Districts
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